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Richmond Review:”Translink cash troubles are no surprise”

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Richmond Review

When TransLink came into being, it also collected all the dead wood from B.C. Transit and public transport planning continues in its 1950s mode. There was no hint of modern transit practice in the great towers in Burnaby.” (Letters July 29)

Malcolm Johnston – the name I couldn’t recall. I cannot help thinking that this statement may be actionable. I suppose, since I had been with BCT for a couple of years that I was some of that “dead wood”.

I wonder what his qualifications are? Do you think he has a Masters degree from one of the better English universities? Much experience in other cities planning transportation of all kinds? Come to that who are the other members of this Light Rail Committee? Who elected him their spokesman?

The province built SkyTrain (both lines), and is building the Canada Line. Not Translink, not BC Transit. Special project offices were set up and transit planners kept busy doing other things. The Evergreen Line is not even started so how he can claim that it is like SkyTrain I do not know. It is certainly not planned to be grade separated, or driverless, or run by Linear Induction Motors. So why is it not LRT?

Written by Stephen Rees

July 29, 2006 at 11:20 pm

Posted in Transportation

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