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Guardian Unlimited | Science | Steve Boggan: The men who can produce limitless amounts of clean, free energy

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Guardian Unlimited | Science | Steve Boggan: The men who can produce limitless amounts of clean, free energy

This is exactly the same system that was described to me by its inventor. I did not keep a record of his name, but it occurred while I was a Policy Adviser at the BC Ministry of Energy in Victoria. I was there between 1994 and 1998.

One day a young man came in to our offices on Blanshard Street (the “pink palace”). He did not bring any documentation with him, but he had two small permanent magnets, and he described at length an apparatus that would hold a series of magnets in opposition to each other on a wheel. Once set spinning, the repulsion between two poles of the same orientation would keep the wheel spinning indefinitely.

He was vague about how the power would be taken off to be used. I am not a scientist but I am familiar with the basic laws of physics. I was also suspicious that he had not even thought about patenting his idea. The Guardian article points out why – something I was not aware of until now.

He wanted the idea to be developed but did not know how. Neither did I – and no-one I spoke to about it afterwards even suggested referring him elsewhere.

Maybe he would have been more believable if (as these gentlemen claim) he had actually built the machine – and had measurements to prove his contention.

It would also have helped if we did not regularly get visits from other people holding magnets and making claims – like the man who said that putting magnets on the fuel supply to an internal combustion engine would improve not only its efficiency but reduce pollution too. And the fact that we had files of similar claims – none of which stood up to examination. Someone once said to me that if we coupled together all the gas saving devices sold on the market we could have a car that produced rather than consumed fuel.

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August 25, 2006 at 10:08 am

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