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Archive for September 4th, 2006

McClaren Buggy Steveston BC 2006_0904

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McClaren Buggy Steveston BC 2006_0904, originally uploaded by Stephen Rees.

I saw an umbrella stroller today at the No 2 Road Pier. I could not find its owner, but it looks in very good shape to me.

From somewhere deep in the recesses of my cranium the words “Maclaren buggy” popped up – so I tried a Google and got this

and a Reith Lecture

Twenty years ago, getting around with young children was a great deal more awkward than today. The basic *McLaren* *buggy* was the height of technology then. Child car seats were cumbersome, often requiring professional fixing. Look at the cleverness and choice of today’s equivalents!

Written by Stephen Rees

September 4, 2006 at 2:20 pm