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Telegraph | News | Melting ice pack ‘now allows ship to reach North Pole’

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Telegraph | News | Melting ice pack ‘now allows ship to reach North Pole’

This story was picked up by the Vancouver Sun and paired with another article about melting glaciers in BC

There are “before and after photos” of the Warren Glacier in Garibaldi Park

Similar stories are in the Baltimore Sun and the Medford Mail Tribune.

The Sun story winds up

It is thought that there is enough water locked up in Greenland ice to raise sea levels more than five metres if it were to melt. Imagine the impact of a rise in sea level of several metres on cities like New York, Bangkok, or countries like Bangladesh

which is all very well, but a 5 metre rise in sea level takes out all of Richmond (where I live) and much of Delta too. For a story headed “a climate alarm close to home” this is an odd choice of closing!


This article appeared as a letter to the editor in Monday’s (Sept 25) Vancouver  Sun

Written by Stephen Rees

September 22, 2006 at 11:11 am

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