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City Wants 2028 Olympics

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Vancouver Sun October 6 2006

Vancouver and Seattle will join forces to try to attract a post-2010 global mega-event, with a wish list that includes co-hosting the 2018 World Cup of soccer, a world’s fair around 2020 or the 2028 Summer Olympics.

Just when you think it cannot get any sillier … in the same edition Vaughan Palmer is getting inside the mess of the current failure to control building costs – or even get started on actually building venues.

What is it about these events that’s get otherwise sensible people so out of their tree?  Wasn’t the Montreal experience bad enough? Why plan around short term sporting events? Why not plan around the needs of the people who are here and who cannot be housed or moved around in any reasonable way? Why not get concerned about the risks of flooding – or the inevitable earthquake? Why not start to deal with the pressing problems of social exclusion (an expression you hear a lot of in the UK but not in BC)? Why is it always the circus, never the bread?

Written by Stephen Rees

October 6, 2006 at 10:27 am