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The Cure for Affluence

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The Cure for Affluence ::

Kevin Patterson is a doctor who lives on Saltspring Island, who also happens to be a brilliant writer as well. His new book “Consumption” is reviewed in the Tyee. It is based on his experience in the arctic, where diseases of deprivation have been replaced by diseases of affluence mainly due to lack of physical activity.

I think what we need to do is re-engineer our cities. It’s not about more gyms, because there are lots of gyms. We have to walk to work. We have to live in cities that require us to move to get through our days. There should be as many square feet of bicycle lanes in Vancouver as car lanes. It should just be such a pain in the ass to drive a car that most people don’t. We need oil to cost $200 a barrel, for health reasons

Written by Stephen Rees

October 17, 2006 at 9:48 am