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Road will see part of cranberry land lost

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Road will see part of cranberry land lost

A longish piece today in the Sun on the South Fraser Perimeter Road. Once again a tunnel through a sensitive area is rejected (just like Sea to Sky) and despite what I would have thought serious environmental impacts, they all can “mitigated” so that’s all right then. I do not have much faith in our present EA process, which seems to approve nearly anything the government proposes. The only thing I recall being stopped recently was that power station in Sumas!

What is the general feeling on this project? Are we as against this as the Highway 1 widening? No, it isn’t a freeway, but its impact is going to be pretty big on the ALR and some sensitive areas. And, of course, it will generate lots more trips.

I frankly doubt that expansion of the container port will generate lots of truck trips. The idea of port expansion is to capture more of the North American market. Our ports have pretty well got the local market sown up, haven’t they? Do many containers get here by truck from Los Angeles or Seattle? Nearly all of the long distance container trade from the ports moves by train. I think the lack of capacity on the single track BC Rail line from Deltaport will be the most important restrictive factor on expansion.

The competition certainly spends a lot on rail access

Written by Stephen Rees

October 26, 2006 at 10:11 am

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