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Translink’s new livery

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These new colours first appeared on the new trolleybuses, which I have seen in passing but yet to photograph. But I saw this and felt the need to comment.

Back in the BC Transit days, the guys at Burnaby could not resist adapting BC Transit’s livery by the addition of black window surrounds, which in my opinion did little to enhance the appearance of the vehicle. I think this new livery is a reversion to that style, and it is unfortunate. They have retained the swoops (which I thought looked dated when I first saw them on Hull buses back in the seventies!) but the overall impression – especially from the front is something dark and forbidding. I think transit vehicles need to look friendly and welcoming – perhaps the best example being the smiling face that greet passengers on this British train.

365534 Kings Cross suburban 2005_1129
Oddly enough, the livery is a variation on red white and blue and the yellow end is mandated for safety reasons – visibility for track workers. But the addition of a grille to improve the driver’s environment had a very pleasing effect.

One good thing about the bus at present it does not carry any adverts. I wonder how long that will last.

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November 1, 2006 at 10:44 am

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