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Collision Course

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BCBusiness Magazine – Current Issue

Is Kevin Falcon’s Gateway Program full of wrong turns?”

Oh yes. And here is where the  self delusion of a local politician is really on display

Falcon speaks about the project like a protective father. He says Gateway was his idea, proposed to a receptive Premier Gordon Campbell more than two years ago.

This is simply untrue. The Gateway idea has been around for years – certainly it was being worked on by both GVTA and MoTH at least five years ago – and work that lead to it was going on much earlier than that. Maria Su and Jim Wang from Translink’s Strategic Planning Department were both loaned to the Gateway team at MoTH to work on the program which developed out of the GVTA’s first major study of truck traffic in the region, and the first time that the regional model was used to forecast future truck flows. This study was conducted with the co-operation of MoTH, the port, airport and the BCTA. And then there is the Gateway Council which has been around since 2000 at least.

The article is a long one but far from what I would expect from a pro business journal. Thanks to Pierre on the lrc-general list for bringing it to my attention.

Written by Stephen Rees

November 4, 2006 at 3:14 pm