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A departure for this blog, but a subject close to my heart. One of my many sisters in law remarked to me that no beer was worth drinking if you could see through it. Now while I have have consumed some lager type beers that I found pleasant, I must admit that since coming to North America I have been in pursuit of the ultimate dark beer. Guinness is, of course, widely available – and the widget fitted cans produce an acceptable “draught” for home consumption. I started drinking Guinness at a very young age as my Granny was convinced I needed “building up”. At that time it was delivered to the NHS bedside of newly delivered mothers as an aid to breast feeding.

Young’s is often available at the BCLC and is a very pleasant alternative. The chocolate is there but somewhat understated. At least in comparison to my most recent discovery. There is a newly extended liquor store at Ironwood, where I found Longbow Double Chocolate Porter from Phillips. This is a new brewery to me (it opened in 2001) – but I was well disposed towards it when I noticed in tiny print on the crown cap “imported from Esquimault”. This is definitely a drink that is worth trying. The chocolate is mostly in the aftertaste, but that is (in my view) to its credit. It is very smooth, and goes very well with roast beef. It is also worth trying as an aperitif – though as it is a 650ml bottle, perhaps make it stretch through the meal.

While I am on the subject, the Hermanator from Vancouver Island brewery – I think the first and so far the only “dark lager” I have tried – gets an honourable mention too. It is currently the favourite of visitors to their web page. I am beginning to think it is time for another trip on the ferry. And, of course, Isabel’s Ribs.

And that liquor store is a worthy destination too and a distinct improvement both to what was there before and the quite dreadful newly privatized Blundell Liquor Store, where I shall never set foot again!

Written by Stephen Rees

November 12, 2006 at 7:20 pm

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