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New Trolleys on Broadway

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Translink 2135 on wb 9 Broadway Vancouver BC 2007_0108, originally uploaded by Stephen Rees.


Seen on route 9 on Broadway westbound yesterday. These buses are now here in significant numbers and are appearing on a larger number of routes as a result. I suppose I should be recording the last days of the E902s, but I suspect that pressure of demand will keep some in service for a while longer (I hope so anyway).

Taking pictures of a moving bus in poor light in heavy traffic presents some interesting challenges and I am afraid that the Coolpix 4800 is not the best bit of equipment for dealing with them. This image is nowhere near as sharp as I would like.

{If someone knows anything about how flickr and WordPress interact, I would like to remove the top four lines of this post without removing the picture}

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January 9, 2007 at 10:05 am

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