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Triumphant Gore brings message back to Washington

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I saw his performance on the CBC news last night. And enjoyed the sight of the new Democrat Chairperson of the Committee reminding Republican Senator James Inhofe (the committee’s recent past chairman) who is in charge now.

Gore would have been, there is no doubt, a much better President than Bush. Heck, Bugs Bunny would have been a better president! And, of course, the feeling remains that Gore did not actually lose so much as had the election stolen from him. And the Republicans just love that law and order ticket, even though when in power they show no respect for the law themselves. The present bunch seem to be as cavalier as Tricky Dicky’s crew. And also Gore was ill advised. Much better to run as who you are rather than who you think the people want you to be. Though why on earth Americans want a fake Texan good ol’ boy as their Chief Executive is beyond me.

Now we can only hope that the Democrats understand that Gore is going to be much better than either Obama or Mrs Clinton: not that the election result is now in any doubt. It is a question of who will be the best Democrat president of the three. Obama lacks the experience. Clinton has way too much baggage. And I am sorry but now is not the time for gesture politics. Yes it would be nice to have a woman or a “person of colour” in this job, but right now the world needs Gore.

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March 22, 2007 at 8:55 am

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