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I will declare my interests up front. I could not care less for organized sport of any kind. I recognize the value of physical activity for all humans, but do not share in the competitiveness, singleminded, drug addled and jingoistic that televised games have become. It is not about fun. It is not about enjoying yourself. It is about crowing over the defeat of others, and nationalistic bent priorities when we don’t get as many medals as some unheard of African ministate. Whoever “we” might be.

There are far more pressing priorities in East London (where I was born and grew up) and the Lower Mainland (where I now live) than hosting a short sports festival.

I used to work two allotments. Growing things is a basic human instinct as much as running and probably just as important in the larger scheme of things. Clearly this is a land use planning and transportation problem. The existence of a set of community gardens – endowed in perpetuity by a gentlemen one hundred years ago and very successful – against a short term wild passion to be seen to be doing something – anything – in a neglected area – preferably with as much tv coverage as possible. Oh, and it’s a pedestrian walkway too. Though one whose width seems staggering. The stuff about security is, as usual, total codswallop. A thin excuse to ride rough shod over legitimate local interests.

The parallels with our situation here are clear. Shades of Eagle Ridge Bluffs – where the cause is even less worthy, the alternatives obvious and the justification about as thin. And what we will see as the Gateway gets going will show as a mild precursor.

I ask my readers to read the Observer article and then follow the link at the bottom to the petition. Not that petitions do any good at all. But we have to stand together. – UPDATE petition closed but site worth a look

Written by Stephen Rees

April 8, 2007 at 11:15 am