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“The class minefield that is Britain today”

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 | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited

“Another indicator is marmalade. Thin, runny, hand-made marmalade is a sign of being upper class, whereas firm, gelatinous marmalade is common. Why? It’s just one of those things. Upper-class people make their own marmalade, and they tend to prefer it runny, probably because they’ve got lots of people to clear up the mess.”

Cor blimey guv! I’m upper class!!

Or just not very patient when it comes to making jam. You are supposed to test it on a cold saucer and I swear that mine formed a skin. It just didn’t set. And I made pounds of the stuff. And it is not getting eaten because of the mess it makes.

The article is actually more about why Kate split up with what’s ‘is name. But frankly I could not care less. I am a working class lad from the East End – although my parents were both very concerned that we spoke proper BBC English. Not ‘orribe “Kafarine Cockney” (like the sort of people who went to the Boleen to watch the ‘Ammers) . The Henry Higgins thing has long been one of my favourite games. Though the idea that you could place anyone in Lisson Grove by the way they talk is silly. Though there is a definite accent difference between where I come from and Sarf Lunnon.

And in case you think that class doesn’t matter, you should try one of those shared chalet holidays where all the gels are Sloane Rangers. Never again.

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April 17, 2007 at 12:09 pm

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