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Westminster Wisdom: Netroots and Politics

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Westminster Wisdom: Netroots and Politics

Part of politics is self doubt- part of politics is questioning your own views as much as other people’s views- is realising that changing your mind is a sign of maturity and that beleiving you have reached a truth that you need not doubt is a great sign of arrested intellectual development. This isn’t a call against principle or against argument but it is a call for tolerance- all the phenomena I listed above seem to strike against that fundemental principle underlying all democratic discussion. In the end you might just be right and I might just be wrong- lets have the debate in those terms instead of hurling insults at each other and treating politics as though it were propaganda.

Every so often I click through my blogroll both to make sure the links still work but also to catch up on what these people are saying. This blog quoted above is about UK politics but the chunk I have quoted is one of those statements which so neatly sums up what I would have said if I had thought about it for long enough.

So instead of just posting a “right on” comment to his blog, I have put the quote here in the hope of spreading the word a bit wider.

Written by Stephen Rees

May 2, 2007 at 10:08 am

Posted in politics

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