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Feds should give cities cash for public transit: Toronto mayor

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Montreal Gazette

Jan Ravensbergen, The Gazette

Published: Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Toronto’s mayor came to Montreal to make common cause with his counterpart in this city today and share in public their beefs over the way the federal government is sidestepping what the two insist is an overwhelming need for Canada’s major cities to renew and expand municipal public-transit systems.

“Where’s the money?” David Miller asked, pointedly, of Ottawa at a news conference.

As earlier reports have made clear there is no new money for transit. The feds have agreed to talk about a strategy, but as for  “one cent of the GST” that Miller is talking about – in your dreams, buster! The feds will never hand over a predicated amount of any taxes, free of all strings. If the feds give you money, they will want something back for it, and not just Maple Leaf logos on the buses either!

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June 13, 2007 at 3:14 pm

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Guardian commercial Zurich house of the future video

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| Guardian Unlimited

The Tree House in Clapham is a beautifully executed exercise in sustainable building. Inspired by Alvar Aalto’s Villa Mairea the house takes the tree which occupies the site as an integral part of the design and works in sympathy with it.

Yes it’s a commercial. It’s a video. It is also a testament of hope. You cannot buy this house. In fact in most municipalities in this region they would not let you build it because it would be “against code”. But it takes up very little space – and has a garden, and trees. And it does not consume energy – it actually uploads it to the grid. Reverse metering is something that BC Hydro does not promote very effectively. Ground source heat pumps and solar panels on the roof. In Clapham! Timber frame and old newspaper insulation.

I want one.

Written by Stephen Rees

June 13, 2007 at 8:38 am