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Speeding ticket cameras touted for bridges

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Richmond Review July 28

Not on the web page. “A group of the region’s traffic police managers are recommending the BC Association of Chiefs of Police ask the provincial government to pass legislation to ‘facilitate the use of technology in traffic enforcement'” – they want cameras for “high volume bridges”. So that won’t actually benefit the Westham Island Bridge where the speed limit is 30kph and the wooden structure shows along its length the extent to which this speed limit is observed.

They favour the same technology that is used for red light cameras. Which is actually the wrong technology, as I have pointed out here before. What is needed is something that will slow traffic down along the length of the bridge not simply at the point where the camera is located. A red light violation is a point specific offense. Speeding occurs over a distance, so average speed cameras are much more effective.

And anyway John Les is still Solicitor General “who disputes their value and says the province won’t introduce photo radar”. Which demonstrates that he is not only ignorant, but willfully obstinate in the face of the evidence of human tragedy that speeding on bridges such as the Patullo cause on an almost daily basis.

2006 worst crash sites in GVRD

#3. Knight Street Bridge 257 crashes

#5. Lions Gate Bridge 217

#6. Alex Fraser Bridge 203

#10. Patullo Bridge 177

source: ICBC

Written by Stephen Rees

July 29, 2007 at 9:51 am

Posted in Road safety

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