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In the dicussion on Personal Rapid Transit doubt was cast on the idea of cars that drive themselves. Well The Guardian today reports on the research which could see that become a reality.

I am pleased to pass along an update to my recent post about electric cars. CBC is now reporting that Transport Canada has finally got around to approving the Zenn.

Zenn Electric car

It does say that “Currently, British Columbia is the only Canadian province to legislate this type of vehicle” but it says nothing about the IT car maker on Annacis Island.

And there is also a firm in BC that makes electric trucks for export – to the US, Europe, the Far East – but cannot sell them here because the regulations do not use the word “truck”. For the last three years Transport Canada has told the owners – who have done all that is required to satisfy the rules – that the wording will be changed “next year”. It is always “next year” (thanks also to CBC tv news for this story)

And just because I can here is another version of that picture that shows how much space a bus – or in a new variation, bikes – takes up, compared to the same number of people driving cars. I just wish I could find the original London Transport version


Written by Stephen Rees

November 3, 2007 at 10:06 am

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