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Changing TransLink is futile until Falcon lets go

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It is not often I find myself agreeing with a Vancouver Sun editorial.

Indeed in this case I would have stopped at “Changing TransLink is futile” – since the change that is proposed is pointless. It will not help make transit any better, nor will we see significant increases in transit’s mode share (which should be the main objective of its policies).

But at least we get some insight now into what the information about turnstiles was that convinced Falcon they would be worth trying here. I am not convinced by it – but I do agree that the new board is the right group to look at it, if we must have a new board.

And Falcon cannot let go. Not yet and probably not at all. He is not yet sure if he will get to be premier – and Gordo shows no sign of going. So Kevin needs to have a solid record of decision making behind him. Of course, it would really help if he could find something else to do before the consequences of the decisions he is making start hitting home. That will make it easier to shift the blame to his succesor(s). And I have no doubt at all that we would all be much better off if someone offered Kevin a job doing something else – though he is a bit young yet to be a Senator.

And anyway, in Canada we do not sack politicians for sheer incompetence, no matter how bad the decision making may be. Glen Clark was not forced to resign over the Fast Ferries or the Millennium Line but a deck – and a hunting knife. Mulroney darn nearly ruined the country and came within inches of Quebec separation. But its the money in the brown envelope that is dogging him. Same with Van derZalm: not crippling regional planning so he could develop Fantasy Gardens, but taking a brown paper bag full of cash.

Written by Stephen Rees

November 15, 2007 at 10:00 am

Posted in politics

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