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“your house in the suburb … generates 14 car trips a day”

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Andrés Duany is coming here and will be speaking – and the meeting is not at SFU so they could get a bigger hall (see announcement below).   You can get a good idea of what he is all about – of you didn’t know already – from Time Magazine

For better or worse, environmental design has come to be defined by the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Design (LEED) ratings. A point system, LEED rewards technological fixes like rooftop solar panels or energy-efficient insulation. That’s great, and there are enormous energy savings that can be achieved with basic improvements in building design, but the LEED system doesn’t take into account the context of a building — where it is. A design could win a Platinum LEED rating — the highest possible award — but it can’t really be described as environmentally friendly if it’s part of a sprawling neighborhood that just adds to car dependency.


Reservations are going fast for this special public lecture on January 16th.   Limited space available.

Email or call 778-782.5100 to ensure a seat.

On the Edge: Latest views from Andrés Duany

January 16, 7 pm
Venue: Four Seasons Hotel, 791 Georgia Street West, Vancouver

On any list of the most influential architect/planners alive today, Andrés Duany would be near the top, if not the lead name. This evening, Duany is going to the urban edge. Having already conducted a charrette for the East Fraser Lands, Duany has been commissioned by Century Group to consider the opportunities at the suburban/rural edge in the Southlands of Tsawwassen.

Sponsored by Century Group.


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January 9, 2008 at 9:25 am

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