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Archive for January 21st, 2008

“Budd Campbell”

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Many more people read this blog than comment on it. Recently the person who calls himself “Budd Campbell” has, once again, started to dominate the discussion.

I am of two minds. On the one hand, he is a useful avatar for the forces of darkness (even if he does claim to dislike the SFPR) and Kevin Falcon and the real Campbell have never, and will never, post here. On the other hand he uses up a lot of time I could spend doing other things.

I have set up a survey. Your answers will be confidential and you may only answer once .  After I get a significant number of responses I will publish the total numbers and abide by the will of the majority

Because this is my blog, I get to decide to decide what “a significant number” is and how long this survey runs.

And of course I do realise that Budd can simply log on from multiple computers and vote for himself, but as he has not got the time to write his own blog, I somehow doubt he will bother.

You can also email me (see the “about” page) if you think this process is unacceptable – but I will ignore posts from email addresses I am unable to verify

Written by Stephen Rees

January 21, 2008 at 1:45 pm

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