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Is caucus ready for a carbon tax?

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Keith Baldrey, Richmond News

The premier says the decision on a carbon tax is up to Carole Taylor. Baldrey doesn’t believe that. And to illustrate the point he gives some more inside information about the transit announcement.

The premier dressed it up as a climate change initiative, when in reality the transit improvements will have a marginal impact (1.6 per cent) on meeting the reduction targets he has set.

It was rather amusing to watch Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon try to explain the climate change element of a plan he obviously views as simply as a bus-and-road network, not a grand scheme of taking on global warming.

When the transit plan was presented to the caucus last month, the climate change aspect of it wasn’t even included to a substantive degree. But now that the premier has decided everything has to do with climate change, presto! The theme of the announcement was now different.

The point being of course that up to now we have not seen any cracks in caucus solidarity. No disunity in seven years is pretty impressive, and hopefully it cannot last. Fingers crossed.

Written by Stephen Rees

January 29, 2008 at 1:05 pm

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