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I suppose that means I must be doing something right. Which, for a retired boomer who seems to annoy the bejesus out of some people, is a comfort.

In the month of January the number of views grew by 40% – and the blog had its best day ever at 647 views.

Welcome all you lovely people who come here to read. And also thank you to the vast majority of supportive commenters. Yes, we do have a couple of trolls now but that is just par for the course for any on line discussion group. They are not going to take over the debate. If that means a return to comment moderation, I trust that you will understand. Please, do not feed the trolls.

Raul asked me how I find interesting things to write about. The problem I face is that there is so much out there, it is more about selection from a growing plethora than finding things. And anyway, if I told you how it was done, you might go off and do it for yourselves. I do, by the way, check on the pingbacks and referrers, and if you do have a blog I usually try to have a look around which often leads me to leave a comment too. So I hope that it all becomes mutually supportive – which does not mean we have to agree. Except on being polite.

Once again, thank you for your attention.

Written by Stephen Rees

January 31, 2008 at 3:54 pm

4 Responses

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  1. I really like your blog Stephen. And I am a tad envious (just kidding) – the largest number of visitors I ever have gotten has been yesterday at 130 unique views. About a sixth of what you have done. *sigh* … as you indicated, it’s all about being mutually supportive.


    January 31, 2008 at 8:05 pm

  2. I’d like to think that since I started linking to your stuff around May of last year you’ve shared in the success of Morning Brew. Not to take credit for your achievements or anything, just a shout out.

    Sean Orr

    January 31, 2008 at 8:29 pm

  3. Sean

    I like Beyond Robson and use it a lot. But referrals in total do not make up a lot of my traffic now. For instance in the last complete 24 period I have data for the top ten referrers in total got me 44 views – out of 532 for the day. But of course getting picked up by sites like yours has really helped to move me away from the early days of the summer of 2006 when I barely got above 200 views a month.

    May of 2007 certainly saw things pick up considerably so credit is due to Morning Brew and I hope to continue to be worthy of the occasional link there. But I am after all not a news maker – merely someone peddling a point of view which I think is getting to be more acceptable to the populace as a whole. At least, I hope so.

    And you have also reminded me that I should have put Beyond Robson on my blogroll a long time ago and will now rectify that omission

    Stephen Rees

    January 31, 2008 at 8:58 pm

  4. While I was off posting somewhere else I came across this warning, which I think neatly sums up what I should be doing

    The Worldchanging comments are meant to be used for further exploration and evaluation of the ideas covered in our posts. Please note that, while constructive disagreement is fine, insults and abuse are not, and will result in the comment being deleted and a likely ban from commenting. We will also delete at will and without warning comments we believe are designed to disrupt a conversation rather than contribute to it. In short, we’ll kill troll posts.

    Lifted from with thanks

    Stephen Rees

    January 31, 2008 at 9:09 pm

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