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Road building mega project

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The Vancouver Sun print edition has the following statistics from a “departmental newsletter” on the Gateway

MoT employees on Gateway 150

Number of person years of construction employment 17,000

Value of construction over the next six to seven years $2.0 billion

New lane construction 280 km

Major new high level long span bridges 2

Tonnes of asphalt pavement 1.0 million

Tonnes of granular fill 6.0 million

Missing from the table

Millions of tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions released from construction activities

Expected volume of induced traffic by 2021

Increase in vehicle kilometres travelled over alternate transit scenario

Increase in greenhouse gas and common air contaminants due to additional traffic on the freeway (expressed in terms of SE2 equivalents – how many power stations in Sumas would have had to be built to produce the same impact on the Fraser Valley)

Acres of land lost to highway oriented development by 2021

Anticipated private sector gain from P3 program over conventional public sector financing

Number of SkyTrain cars that could be bought for $2bn:   460

Number of buses that could be bought for $2bn:   4,000

Written by Stephen Rees

February 20, 2008 at 10:01 am

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