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Lawyer queries college students’ B.C. transit costs

“I would say it might be possible to construe the differential rates or differential in fees as a barrier to accessing a public service,”

I would say that the students would be crazy to try it. It is simply the outcome of price negotiations, based on the “revenue neutral” formula. And, in the case of UBC, the fact that the university kicked in some money it would otherwise have spent on parking facilities.

Now it would be interesting to see what would happen if the policy were to be changed, and took other considerations into account. But then I suspect that other groups might get more attention. It would depend on what policy end was in sight. The current negotiating structure militates against the interests of colleges that already have a high transit ridership. Which is why for some time there has been an effort to get all the colleges negotiating as one, which would produce a lower price for places like VCC. But that did not work because one or two colleges decided they were not interested.

B.C. transit cop board complaint dismissed

This is very odd – but only because the way policing is organized here is chaotic. A separate force was needed for SkyTrain because of the number of boundaries it crossed.  There are all sorts of reasons why a metropolitan police force would be better, but don’t tell the Mayors that. They like to feel they are in charge of their own fiefdom. Public accountability is not a strong suit anywhere in either transit or policing these days here. And I doubt it will change much anytime soon.

Written by Stephen Rees

February 21, 2008 at 11:56 am

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