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Survey backs ALR

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Richmond News

More on the City’s intentions to get the Garden City Lands removed from the ALR so that they can developed

If a series of open houses were designed as a push poll to create the appearance of support for the withdrawal of the Garden City lands from the Agricultural Land Reserve, it has backfired, says the proposal’s chief critic.

Responses from 129 feedback forms filled out online and during a week-long series of open houses Feb. 11 to 15 show a majority of respondents opposed to removing the land from the ALR.

“They’re just overwhelmingly opposed, so the whole thing has backfired,” said Coun. Harold Steves.

And that was despite the usual heavily loaded questions. But of course nothing deters the proponents, and especially not public opinion expressed in their own survey.

Coun. Rob Howard — a stanch supporter of the proposal — is not deterred by the response to question number three.

“When people understand the history of those lands, understand how close we’ve come on a couple of different occasions, and how quickly it can slip away, I continue to believe that the public will support the city’s current plans for ownership and plan for control on the other half.” he said.

Rob, what part of “no” did you NOT understand?

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March 4, 2008 at 3:07 pm

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