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Victoria suburb yields 850 BC archeological site

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Globe and Mail

Which may actually stop development cold. In fact they should not have been digging in this area (Colwood) in the first place. What is a shame in my mind is that a site like this was not found at that infamous intersection in Langford

And just in case no one noticed, what has stimulated development in the “Western Communities” was the widening of the highway which was being promoted when I first arrived in BC (just after the Commonwealth Games didn’t do what the Olympic Games are supposed to do but won’t either) as the cure for the “Colwood Crawl”. And yes, at that time we were being told that light rail for Victoria could not be justified – nor could a commuter service on the existing E&N track. Using the same sophistry as Kevin Falcon today uses in the Fraser Valley.

The sad thing is that we seem to be incapable of learning even from our own experience, let alone those of other places

Written by Stephen Rees

March 22, 2008 at 8:51 am

Posted in Urban Planning

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