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The City Programme Videos

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The SFU City Programme has been making videos of these free public lectures. I have now inserted links into the first four lectures for this year Andres Duany, Mike Meyers, James Sallis and Douglas Farr. You can find the complete list at the SFU video page.

Instead of a new post I simply inserted a brief report of yesterday’s Green Party’s “Free Transit” panel into the earlier post. There was video, but I am not sure when it will be available as the camera operator was off to that “Inconvenient Truth” boot camp.

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April 2, 2008 at 7:20 pm

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Commuters still love cars but bikes, buses gaining favour: StatsCan

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Reporting on last census broken down by province.

BC shows a growth from 7.5% in 2001 to 10.3% in 2006 BUT in 2001 at census time Translink was in the middle of the bus strike

The report found that the median distance Canadians are travelling to work has increased to 7.6 kilometres in 2006, an increase of 8.6 per cent over the past decade.

And that is significant since it shows how we have continued to sprawl as people look for cheaper housing on the edge of the built up areas and drive further to get to work.

I am waiting to see some regional data, and hopefully, more 10 year than 5 year comparisons

This story looks at dispersing employment but is more about Montreal and Toronto than here

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April 2, 2008 at 11:20 am

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