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Another nasty antibike ad

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People who sell car insurance think it is ok to poke fun at people trying to use bicycles in a country obsessed with cars. Streetsblog does not like this – and does not find it funny. They provide this link to the maker for your feedback.

I think I agree with them. Click now before it gets taken down and another grovelling apology appears. Did it make you smile?

Written by Stephen Rees

April 20, 2008 at 9:09 pm

2 Responses

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  1. It made me smile a little bit because it’s so ludicrous, but the message at the end is definitely a resounding: we are car culture, you must drive, doing otherwise is lame, difficult, and silly. The ad would only be clever if the man were riding a unicycle, but then, that wouldn’t make any sense, would it?

    Erika Rathje

    April 20, 2008 at 10:34 pm

  2. You could change it to “Why we need more bike facilities” an it’d still work. Actually, it’d work better. How silly.

    Andy in Germany

    April 22, 2008 at 3:25 am

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