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BC’s New Enviro Moment

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Rafe Mair has a message of hope in today’s Tyee.

The environment is back in vogue and of course that has much to do with global warming and the fact that the public have finally woken up to the fact that bad things are happening. But it’s more than that. The demonstration last month of 1200 people at the Pitt Meadows Senior Secondary gym against the proposal to get power from the Pitt wasn’t just the same old lefties.

Nor was the one last fall in the East Delta Agricultural Hall protesting the South Fraser Perimeter Road and other proposed environmental rape.

The demonstrations a few weeks before against putting the Sea-to-Sky highway over the top of Eagleridge Bluffs had some regulars all right but a hell of a lot of protesters until then would rather have been caught in a house of ill-repute than at an environmental rally.

The revival of environmentalism has caught the Campbell government by surprise. They were used to the days when they — and other governments for that matter — could point to protesters and say “same old, same old” and get away with it. They saw nothing dangerous politically by telling falsehood after falsehood about Atlantic salmon fish farms. After all. who would believe all that nonsense about sea lice for God’s sake!

I hope he is right. It worries me that the NDP do not seem to on the same page. And that people have bought in to the idea that Gateway is going to mean more jobs. Which is almost certainly untrue, and a bit beside the point if the region cannot find enough people to fill the jobs it has open now. It is also true that the NDP is not getting anything like the money that Liberals are, that voter participation is declining and we have yet to elect a Green to the leg.

I think the BC Liberals are much shakier than they look. The problem that I see is the lack of a concerted push to turn them out next year. They seem to have weathered scandals far worse than those that wrecked the last NDP governments, and I do not think it is just because they have a friendlier media – though of course that doesn’t hurt either. But as usual the left is much happier fighting among themselves than turning up the pressure on an inept, big business controlled and complacent ruling party – which is mostly run by just one man.

And as an added bonus from reading this far here is Rick Mercer’s  Report with a message from the American oil industry

Written by Stephen Rees

April 21, 2008 at 5:05 pm

Posted in Environment, politics

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  1. campbell and his cronies are done—-and its far safer having the ndp scrambling thinking their behind. john les -bc rail trial starting in may. gas tax– who haven`t the liberals pissed off —unions–ferries–transit riders—rural bc–pitt river–spirit park–eagle ridge–hospital workers -doctors–bar owners–smokers —drivers—car insurers—corrections–the law—-municipal leaders–most native bands–mothers of school children–welfare recipients–hydro users– have I missed anyone, probably lots —so there`s no point in the ndp peaking to early— signed………………………………………gordon WHO?

    grant g

    April 21, 2008 at 8:56 pm

  2. I have a ‘funny feeling in my gut’ that Rafe was sent to Coventry by the media because of his outspoken concerns about the environment. Of course, his continues expose of the fish-farm fiasco is now proven, but he was going after other government environmental charades.

    Rafe was certainly getting the sense that RAv/Canada Line was a colossal waste of money and was actively investigating it when he got canned from AM 650. I was a guest on his program many times and he certainly studied the subject, where other commentators in the media just chant “rapid transit is good for you” and “everyone builds with SkyTrain, don’t they?”

    One reason our regional transit system is such a disgrace, is that that the mainstream media have given it a free pass, simply because they feel it is a ‘mom and apple pie’ issue.

    Malcolm J.

    April 22, 2008 at 8:25 am

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