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Landmark land settlement

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Canadian Geographic

Canada’s first modern, urban treaty gives the Tsawwassen First Nation control of its land and the chance at a prosperous future

The hat tip goes to Damien Gillis who alerted me to this in depth analysis which includes his video of Bertha Williams, which I linked to some time ago.

This treaty was driven by the Gateway process – not any concern for the TFN. The collapse of the US dollar ought to be the danger signal that makes the port start to doubt its forecasts. The airport has a much more prgamatic approach – it does not start the next stage of expansion until the demand is clear, and is very reluctant to attach dates to projects in their plan. They expand at need, not on a whim.

I have also been noting here how the flawed environmental assessment and the cavalier rush to construction will have a dramatic effect on the Pacific Flyway and the feeding grounds of the sandpipers. Given this government’s shabby record on issues like farmed salmon and the Sea to Sky don’t expect much noise from our designated environmental agencies where the staff are more concerned with hanging on to their pay cheques than actually doing anything effective. At one time professional public servants acted in the best interests of the province. Now they are little better than lackeys to their political masters.

Well worth spending some time on the in depth coverage.

Written by Stephen Rees

April 28, 2008 at 4:33 pm

3 Responses

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  1. I will make my comments and many of you will lambaste me but it has to be said.—-I watched a program about a indian band in northeast canada, the band has major alcoholism problem and suicides–and paint sniffing, –they interviewed the cheif –who went on to say that the biggest problem his indian nation faced was the money……………I was puzzled, he went on to say that every month all the band members get cheques so they won`t work and that they like the status quo!—-he went on to say that until the well runs dry they will never change.——————–now lets get back to bc, I here these claims about rampant unemployment amongst first nations, some 60% unemployment——at the same time there is jobs crying for workers ,skilled and non skilled——if their not employed in this job market they never will be employed!——-now lets go back 25 years, I worked for an electronic outfit and we delivered tvs and videos and large projection screens in the lower mainland, and I have made dozens of trips to the musqueam band reserve in point grey area.————-back then besides a monthly dole every january 1 of each new year every man woman and child got 10.000.00 dollars each.——-I am not griping but—–new trucks with flat tires everywhere,on the reserve. unkept homes, junk laying around,yards full of discarded toys—-inside their homes lots of electronics, every year same thing—-in fact most wouldn`t even come into the store , they would just call up and say deliver a new this and a new that.————this dependency must end , not because of the cost, for the well being of indians themselves!——–its not like their living off the land——-land leasing—advertising–gaming–these bands (most of them are quite wealthy) well at least the cheifs are.—–of course a lot of first nations people see very little money but the cheifs are millionairs———-if the system ever changed the gravy train would for these leaders and cheifs—–and I have many more examples ……….hell the ones that do work don`t have to pay any income tax—-similiar situation up here on the sunshine coast…………….signed………………………over 10 billion a year in handouts-for decades now

    grant g

    April 28, 2008 at 6:30 pm

  2. Its obvious, one has to ask why do all these social attributes exist? They didn’t pop up through genetics, nor did they fall from the sky. Well, we’ll get a detailed answer as to the source when the government starts its Truth and Reconciliation Commission on residential schools. I don’t know of any society resilient enough to withstand the purposeful removal and erasure of the culture of three of its generations — let alone serious levels of abuse — without very deep rifts in its pshyche.


    May 1, 2008 at 4:00 pm

  3. Since I wrote the above comment, it has become apparent that the Harper government is placing some serious limitations on the TRC. It doesn’t even begin to compare to the Commision that operated in South Africa after official apartheid was defeated under Nelson Mandela. That one was one of the most profound exercises in democracy in modern times, though I imagine that much bitterness remains that the extremely damning testimony did not result in prosecution.

    It appears one test of a nation’s mettle can be found in it’s ability to forgive past injustices, then reconcile, and ultimately heal, rather than to be consumed by revenge. I credit First Nations for not taking the traditional European (and other continents’) approach to oppression by waging war. Instead, the effects appear to be internalized, and now it’s time to heal the damage.


    May 5, 2008 at 12:39 pm

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