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It must be pretty hard to hold on to your optimism in Delta these days.

This weekend’s edition of the Can West local has 3 stories – most of which continue the tale of things covered here in recent weeks and months.

First up is the outcome of the Andres Duany charette on the “southlands“. Both Ted Murphy (Can West) and Mike Schneider (Century Group, the promoter) have opinion pieces. Ted wants more community benefits – which is a bit cheeky at this stage since Century have yet to submit an application. I would expect that Delta Council will not be a pushover, and will demand more than a pound of flesh to let anything happen on what has become a land parcel as symbolic for Delta as the Garden City Lands are now for Richmond. But it is a bit early to be pontificating – or even doing an evaluation before the proposal is even finished. Though of course that does not stop the letter writers either.

Then there’s the power lines. What seems to be missing here is that the cost of putting these things underground is not that great. $38 million for a province that is not exactly short of cash. And it would be a very good start in my view to show that we actually do care about what this place looks like. The flat lands of the Delta are actually more impacted by these towers and wires than places were they can be threaded through wooded valleys. I find it very odd that we love our scenery but there is nowhere that a view of the mountains is completely free of wires. And I am simply not going to get into all that emf stuff. We were supposed to have a built environment of the same quality as the natural environment it sits in. And that was an undertaking given by Gordon Campbell, then Mayor of Vancouver and Chair of the GVRD and author of “Creating Our Future”. The same man who ingores the views of 2,000 local residents who turn out in the rain to sign a petition.

Third is the SFPR and its impact on Burns Bog which recent changes “may help slightly” – but there is still “too much uncertainty” according to John Jeglum a member of Metro’s Burns Bog Scientific Advisory Panel. He is a retired professor and an expert on peatland ecology. You would have thought that our politicians might have learned something from the experience of other politicians who defied scientific doubts and uncertainties – for example on climate change. But not our Kevin. It really does not matter what is in the final EA document, the SFPR will go through anyway. It will only be later that we discover that we never needed it and the damage it will do is irreparable. The precautionary principle does not mean anything to the BC Liberal Party.

And so it goes on – garbage, air quality – all important stories. I noticed that on the mast head it says “Newsstand 50c” but even if you are not a resident you can get one from the box at the end of the swing bridge for free. Well worth reading I would say – and I do not often say that about an Asper product.

Written by Stephen Rees

May 18, 2008 at 4:31 pm

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  1. Gordon campbell`s energy minister lied again,what else is new!
    I warned delta residents that the high voltage lines were going to be jammed down their throat in 2005 -campbell implied that the lines were to be buried.

    That was another 2005 election fib–Now that delta is going to vote ndp (for many reasons) there`s no point in appeasing delta!

    Just like the 2005 photo-op at surrey memorial hospital three weeks before the election, A new ambulatory unit –A emergency room expansion– The start time quoted was –construction starting in 2007 on the emergency room–and 2008 on the ambulatory unit–after some stalling and complaints it`s now been postponed until after the olympics– The new completion time is 2012 and 2013—Campbell promised is would be complete in 2009 and 2010

    Don`t hold your breath on the evergreen line!–don`t hold your breath on the bc place roof!–The condo development around bc place will most certainly start immediately!

    Where`s the 5000 long term care beds gargler campbell promised in 2001 (he`s still 4500 short) besides campbell being an enviromental pig he also has blood on his hands!

    Please everyone wake up and vote the corporate goon gordon(uncle lushwell)campbell out of office!

    grant g

    May 18, 2008 at 5:23 pm

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