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Gordon Campbell’s Free Ride

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Harvey Oberfeld has a blog called “Keeping it Real” and he thinks that the BC media have been much too easy on Mr Campbell.

He is a retired journalist and he still keeps a professional eye on what passes for news and comment in the mainstream media. And when someone like that says that if the same crimes had been committed by the NDP the media would have been up in arms, he knows what he is talking about.

I think Harvey earns his place on my blogroll on the strength of this one piece alone. For his  has confirmed for me what I have long suspected and often written about here. The mainstream media in BC are in too few hands, and far too much power is concentrated at CanWestGobal. And instead of doing their job, which is to keep a jaundiced and wary eye on all concerned, the Asper family have decided that their job is to provide comfort to the ruling clique. They are happy that we have an ultraconservative provincial government, and they, as a business, want to see that continue. No matter what impact that has on the people of this province, their Charter Rights and Freedoms, their environment, health and education, all of which have suffered grievously under the BC Liberals.

Written by Stephen Rees

May 26, 2008 at 7:08 pm

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  1. The media players have given EL GORDO a free ride for now .

    Mr. Campbell, In my opinion has made a fatal flaw,the bell mr.CAMPBELL has rang cannot be unrung!
    I personally have witnesed a shift in CANWEST GLOBALS reporting ( vaughn palmer,michael smyth,keith baldrey ) have been all over Gor-doh as of the past few weeks.

    Here are some facts I know to be true and here`s my take on what effect it has made.

    The asper family (owners of canwest global) donated 50.000.00 to the bc liberal party in 2005———Canwest global stock value has been falling——-The asper family has been propping up and promoting (through their media) the CAMPBELL goverment.

    Considering canwest global is virtually the only media game in town and if lets say 10 million dollars less get spent advertising that could be 7 to 8 million dollars out of the asper family`s bottom line–(where do you think media gets their profits from,advertising)

    So here the ASPER family props up campbell and was prepared to prop him up all the way and BAM,BOOM ,KAPOW! ——–Mr GORDOH shows his true colours and shits on canwest global, Mr. campbell is taking food right off the ASPER family`s table and that bell cannot be unrung!

    Mr CAMPBELL has shown that everyone even a freind like canwest global can and will be sacrifed for the sake of the big red (corrupt)machine.

    Fatal error MR. CAMPBELL —GAME ,SET,MATCH ! —————————signed……………………….A thousand campbell stories getting the dust blown off them

    grant g

    May 26, 2008 at 8:55 pm

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