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The “Gateway to What?” Party

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This free outdoor party (featuring stay dry even if it rains planning) will be at the lush property of Brad Major at 11059 River Road. Brad is a south Delta fire fighter and environmental scientist whose historic fishing home would be paved over by the South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR) if allowed to proceed.

We will be arranging for a bus to take folks that live in Vancouver out to join with the locals at Brads house. The bus will be leaving Commercial Drive at around 8:30 pm (contact Ben at to make arrangements). We will have a couple automobiles shuttling people back to vancouver along with the bus so you can leave early or stay late.

Featuring the too funky not to dance rhythms of DJ Corrior, DJ Bad and DJ Andabeat. Will be lots of fun!

There will be some food and drinks (wine and beer) available by donation.

The party will also include (amongst other things) a presentation of the Mexican wrestling/ theatrical performance “The Gateway Struggle” which debuted at the Car Free Vancouver festival.

A great opportunity to get together with friends and to meet other people concerned about the Gateway project. It’s all going down on the night of the solstice. Celebrate a turning point in the struggle to oppose the Gateway Project and protect the livable region strategy.

For more on Brads story and to see the location of the party check out this youtube video:


On Tuesday June 24 from 6pm till 9pm at the Bridgeview Community Centre (11475 126A St – close to Scott Road Skytrain station ) we will be co-hosting the first in our series of Real Consultation Meetings.Given the lack of true meaningful consultations with the minister of the environment, the minister of transportation or the premier we have decided to partner with concerned community groups to provide a real opportunity to make sure community members voices are heard. The Ministers and Premier will be invited but just in case they don’t show up we will be video taping peoples comments and questions, posting them on youtube and sending the links directly to the decision makers.

This will be a family friendly event featuring a bbq, an encore presentation of “The Gateway Struggle” a theatrical performace/mexican wrestling bonanza and other fun and surprises.

For more on the gateway project and the SFPR visit

Ben West | Healthy Communities Campaigner
Wilderness Committee | Canada’s largest membership-based wilderness preservation organization
w: 604-683-8220 | c: 604-710-5340 |

Written by Stephen Rees

June 19, 2008 at 10:10 am

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  1. Carmen Mills wrote

    If you’re free FRIDAY think about following the solstice moon to this party.

    [That’s tonight folk!]

    It’s a big old house that Brad’s dad built in the bottom of a rainforest ravine. There will be a great bonfire, and there’s a big wood-fired sauna Brad built from found materials (bring a towel!). The place is right on the river, and there is a short hiking trail to a small beach. ROMINA and CORI and GARTH will be spinning great tunes! How good is that?! You can bring something to drink or suchlike and snacks, but there will also be some there. There’s a FREE BUS (seriously!) leaving from the Safeway parking lot on Broadway/Commercial at 8:30, which will return at 1am…but if you don’t want to get on the bus…bring a thermarest to crash on or a TENT to camp in, there’s lots of room. We’ll all find our way home.

    Brad is a wonderful person with great friends, and his place is magical. Come enjoy it now, and keep it for the future. No matter what the future brings, this place needs your energy NOW..

    .check the video:

    I would LOVE to dance with you tomorrow, under the moon,

    Stephen Rees

    June 20, 2008 at 10:26 am

  2. Maybe we should do something similar in Montreal, with the “modernization” of Notre-Dame street, into what many people call a highway, even though the official name is an “urban boulevard”.

    Nicolas Marchildon

    June 22, 2008 at 8:12 pm

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