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Algae or air could fuel cars

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Gwynne Dyer – Georgia Straight

The algae I think I covered a while back. But the combination of CO2 and hydrogen to make octane is a new oner on me. This is a short piece and frustratingly short on detail. But as with most things timing is everything.

I think there wil be some way of keeping the internal combustion engine going – we have so many of them – but for now the best bet I think is not to be too concerned about alterntaive fuels. Let the inventors and venture capitalists do their thing and refuse to subsidize them. Governments need to get us out of car dependance which they have largely created by building freeways and the associated distributors in response to pressure from the auto makers, oil and concrete industries – not to mentiont he property developers.

As commenters herev point out frequently there are too many areas where there is very little alternative to cars – and that is a failure to invest in footways, cycle paths and transit. And that is what the BC government shoudl be doing. Not building Gateway or the Hydrogen Highway or giving tax concessions to some fuels or vehicles.

And Transport Canada should stop buggering about and allow slow speed EVs on the road. Good grief, back in the 1950’s that was how the milk was delivered and the recycling collected back where I lived then. What is the problem that takes 5 years (and counting) to deal with?

Written by Stephen Rees

June 20, 2008 at 10:52 am