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B.C. green cheques may buy trolley bus

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Nanaimo Daily News

I must admit I was a bit startled by the idea of trolleybuses in Nanaimo – especially when it is said that “$200,000 [is] required to establish the service”.

Of course it is not a “trolleybus” but one of the fake SF type trolley bodies on a small bus – just like the so called “Vancouver Trolley”

It is one thing when green pressure groups and political parties start asking you for $100 – it is quite another when a municipal government does so. I also take more than a little umbrage at the Premier signing the letter that heads the cheque – and the little pamphlet that also tels me how to spend my money that they are giving back to me, to offset the carbon tax I will be paying.

We have NOT got $100 extra each. We have had some of our income tax returned to us so we can pay our carbon tax. All the rest is spin.

And from a government that includes highway widening in its greenhouse gas reduction plan on the utterly bogus premise that widening roads reduces traffic congestion.  All these so called “green alternatives” are trivial in comparison. Gordon Campbell knows that “you cannot build your way out of congestion” – that is a direct quote of what he has said more than once.

And if you really want me to reduce my power consumption – how about a law which trumps silly strata title rules like “no washing lines” and “no solar panels”?

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June 27, 2008 at 11:42 am

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