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Let’s Kick Nuclear Power out of the Climate Change Debate

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By Linda Gunter, AlterNet. Posted July 12, 2008.

A very useful summary – from an American perspective of course – on why the nuclear option is actually not workable. Too slow and too expensive should kill it, but throw in too risky and requiring too much tax payer support and even the right wing seem less likely to go for it.

Canada has been trying to sell more of its nuclear reactors – despite their dismal record in Ontario. I found the practical approach taken by this article bolstered my own thoughts, which were based much more on the visceral dislike of the tecchnology and what it has done to us already. But fundamentally I think the idea that there is some way we can continue to over consume is at the heart of the nuclear proponents appeal.

Written by Stephen Rees

July 19, 2008 at 2:58 pm

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