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Metro Vancouver’s latest highway approved

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The South Fraser Perimeter Road will destroy Burns Bog, fish habitat in the Fraser, farmland along its route and is not even necessary. If the justification for it were there, there is an alternate route which is both cheaper, safer and has less impact. It has not been considered, because someone else thought of it (the old “not invented here” syndrome).

It will likely face stiff opposition in some areas because it runs near the sensitive Burns Bog wetland in Delta, as well as near residential areas and through farmland.

You think so? Campbell has clearly abandoned any notion that the BC Liberals can hold seats in Delta next year.

The balance of this post is from Eliza Olsen

This approval makes a mockery of Premier Campbell’s “green conversion.”  It is disengenous(?) read “hypocritical” of the Premier to impose a carbon tax on people to discourage driving while approving a road that will distroy the largest raised peat bog on the west coast of the Americas and the largest carbon sink surrounded by urban development in Canada and possibly North America.
The conservation area alone harbours the annual emissions of 2.6 million cars. This is based on a formula developed by the Friends of the Earth, UK and that the bog is only 5,000 years old.
When the Premier was running for election in 2002, he promised the people of Delta and British Columbia that he would protect Burns Bog. This promise was re-enforced when the 5025 acres of Burns Bog was purchased in 2004 and the Conservation Covenant placed on it.
By approving this road, this government has lied to the people of Delta, the people of British Columbia and the people of Canada.
This plan is based on incomplete and inaccurate information. The economic analysis was based on $.80/litre gas!. I just attended a meeting by the BC Ministry of Transport regarding the study of the Greater Sandhill cranes in the Bog–they need FIVE Years to study them–and the Provincial Government wants to start destroying their habitat as early as this fall!  These are only two examples.
The road goes through three areas of habitat for the Southern Red-back vole. And there appears to be no effort to study the Green Heron which also extremely rare.
This is NOT JUST A DELTA ISSUE. This is a global issue. The UN report in Dec.7/07 stated that 3 billion tonnes of carbon that contribute to greenhouse gases is directly attributed to the destruction of peatlands.
Sunday, July 20/08 over 700 scientists meeting at at Wetlands conference in Brazil issued a warning that the destruction of wetlands (peatlands, boglands, marshes, swamps) was like a “carbon bomb.” because collectively they store more carbon than is in the atmosphere already.
Please take the time to write a letter, no matter how brief, to Hon. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, 80 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Non Canada K1A 0A2 email: and Hon Gordon Campbell, Premier of British Columbia, Room 156, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, BC Canada V8V 1X4, email:
Don’t forget to cc to your local politicians or heads of state as well as anyone you think might lend his/her influence to stop this travesty.  Remember, a good letter deserves to be shared.
Here is the petition ready to go up and be printed off.  I am also attaching my letter to Hans Joosten, E.D. with the International Mires Conservation Group email: and Mires is another name for peatlands.

Feel free to copy/adapt and send your own letter. I have already done two phone interviews regarding the Province approving the South Fraser Perimeter Road.

Remember, if you live in Metro Vancouver, Howe Sound or Nanaimo, you breathe the air coming off Burns Bog! And if you agree with David Suzuki’s hypothosis that the air we breathe goes around the world, so does the air coming from the Bog.  We are all connected.

For more information go to:

Eliza Olson, B.Ed.

Burns Bog Conservation Society
4-7953 120 Street, Delta,BC V4C 6P6
Tel: 604.572.0373 Fax: 604.572.0374
TF 1.888.850.6264

International Bog Days. Preregister for Delta Nature Reserve tours Saturday, July 26. Sunday July 27, Tiller’s Folly, Yuca, Max Tell, Bonkers and the amazing Raging Grannies are just a few of acts along with exhibits and tours. Location: 10388 Nordel Court, Delta.

Jog for the Bog Trail Run, September 21, 6500 Westview Park. Contact 604.572.0373 and request a registration form. Great prizes for pledges gathered.

Have a great Bog Day!

Written by Stephen Rees

July 26, 2008 at 10:32 am

3 Responses

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  1. As a Delta resident, I am appalled at Gordo’s ‘rubber on asphalt’ transit policies. He has treated Delta with complete and utter disdain. This is due almost entirely to VAl Rodick, the Liberal MLA, who after two terms has done absolutely nothing but kow-tow to Gordo.

    I think Campbell believes that the public will not vote NDP and for many Carole James has proven to be a disappointment, another NDP hack who just hasn’t a clue about anything but the NDP.

    Luckily South Delta has a credible independent who came within 1,500 votes of winning and if it were not for Val’s promise not to rebuild the powerlines in Tsawwassen.

    Well the power-lines (for power export to the USA) are being built, good citizens are going to jail if the protest and the Liberal chances in Delta South are poor indeed. God help any Liberal who knocks on my door!

    Malcolm J.

    July 26, 2008 at 6:38 pm

  2. Wow, when did Vancouver Island secede to the good ol’ U.S. of A?

    Ron C.

    July 28, 2008 at 10:27 am

  3. Ron C., are you referring to this?

    “This Project, proposed by Olympic Converter, LP (OC), involves
    constructing a proposed electric power transmission line that would
    extend from the greater Victoria area, British Columbia, in Canada, to
    Port Angeles, Washington, in the United States.”


    July 28, 2008 at 11:05 am

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