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Expensive Fuel Brings Change to Transportation Industry

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Voice of America

None of this is exactly news to regular readers of this blog. But it does make me wonder what they read at the Ministry of Highway Construction – or the Gateway Council.

Over the last two years the economy of the US – and that means the world too – has changed. The price of oil may have fallen back a bit in recent months, but that is not a sign of good times ahead. No-one is predicting lower oil prices in future, and the US economy is going to take a while to turn around. If it does. Because if the Republicans are allowed to steal another election (John McCain just bought Diebold who make the voting machines) business as usual will return. Which puts off the recovery even longer.

Note that railways are flagged as the growth area for freight – and the need for  major infrastructure investments in track. Not one word about the need for more ports or freeways – and also that airlines are in trouble. BC’s transport strategy is designed for a time now long past and not liekly to return. It is time for Kevin Falcon to face up to this reality.

Written by Stephen Rees

August 19, 2008 at 7:49 am

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