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Students ready for fare fight

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Georgia Straight

As the new term approaches the campaign for UPass for all students heats up again. Their argument is that all students ought to be treated the same. This is a nice principle, but the real world is not a fair place at all.

The deal struck with UBC and SFU was forced through by pressure from the top at Translink over the better advice from staff. The system was already under strain, with not enough capaicty and no way to get much  more quickly, and a distinctly iffy financial prospect. But that was ignored in favour of making a nice big splash. Of course, the fact that the CEO’s daughter was just starting at UBC at the same time is merely coincidental, and it is simply mischievous to suggest that such a well respected public servant could possbibly be influenced by such personal conscerns.

Anyway, the money problem now looks like getting worse and Translink simply cannot afford to subsidise every student in the region. And cvertainly could not cope with another influc of riders. Though int he case of some institutions like VCC, where most of the student already use transit with no financial inducement, there is very little ridership to gain but a lot of revenue to lose.

And it might also be argued that there are many other low income riders who also “deserve” a break,  not that anyone is suggesting that our taxes be used in this way  – other than the BRU that is.

Written by Stephen Rees

August 22, 2008 at 9:07 pm

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  1. This really isn`t about student fares,its all about translinks inevitable bankruptcy,like I have posted before the evergreen line which was announced in the spring (by Falcon) in which Falcon DID state construction would start IN 2008,On fridays Bill Good show(august22 9.29 am ) check the CKNW audio vault, Keith Baldrey confirmed that construction on the evergreen line would not start now until probably sometime in 2010, as much as I hate to agree with anyone I have to admit MACOLM J is spot on.The Province,the people,are waking up to the fact that the whole skytrain exercise is falling flat,its simply too expensive, the (fixing) of the books is getting harder and harder.
    It is of MY OPINION that if Campbell wins in 2009 you all can kiss the evergreen line goodbye, I mean translink is going broke just operating the system as it stands now.

    I read a post on the David Berner monologues(blog site) apparently a consortium of mall owners,metrotown,oakridge,the richmond malls and many more which has a BIG-TIME connection with skytrain,the implication is that besides being sold a bill of goods,it was done to connect people to malls! It was never about convenience.

    Translinik just made a to-do announcement about 80.000 more transit hours(buses) -All upgrades are welcomed but excuseeeee meeee thats really only adding about 15 full time buses for the entire transit system,I guess it sounds better when you say 80.000 bus hours hours!
    I expect a slow bleed,meaning translink is going to slowly take away all or most discount fares,it still won`t be near enough money to keep translink from going broke!

    Grant g

    August 23, 2008 at 9:18 am

  2. —–The story was “Once apon a time” The comment was from –Light rail guy ——- There are some very serious implied implications from David Berner and Light rail guy—-I reccomend all to have a read.

    Grant g

    August 23, 2008 at 9:26 am

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