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Most trips into downtown core don’t include car

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Randy Shore, Sun

The week long transport oriented feature draws to a close with a bit on walking – and a plea for parents to encourage their kids to walk to school. Once again there is little of substance or news to geneate a blog post. But I couldn’t help but notice that are two “Driving” sections in today’s Sun. And however you feel that some of the staff at the paper seem to be “getting it” these days, the paper depends on advertising, and a lot of that revenue comes from the car makers and retailers, not too mention pages of small ads. And great slabs ofs text which are about cars – and generally support the view that the bigger and faster your car the better. Yes reality has kicked in and they do talk about fuel economy, sometimes. But performance is what it is really all about. “Minivan is really peppy sports car” just about sums it up. It is probably too much to expect any different from the mainstream media.

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September 5, 2008 at 1:11 pm

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