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I like Rafe Mair. He is, like me getting increasing green and radical as he ages. We are both grumpy old men. The Tyee’s Monday Headlines did not hit my inbox until after I had shut down yesterday evening (I wanted to watch “The Murder of Jesse James …” before I left for work if only for the steam train) so I have only just come across this gem

On the assumption that political columnists ought to declare their colours, I hereby disclose that I will vote Green. Under the Elections Act, the Greens will get $1.75 per vote cast and that, to me, is a better election return that anything the others promise.

The fact that the other parties have conspired to supress the Greens and refused to participate in the tv leaders debates if the Green Party was allowed in was another good reason for me to vote Green this time too. But I also like the Tyee as a source of news and comment, as they are not part of a media conglomerate – and their selection of stories “reported elsewhere” is often food for thought and blog posts.

I am heading out of town again this week. I want to take advanatge of the last week of summer sunshine. I remember from my school days that early September weather was always much better than that during the summer holidays – and of course venues like the Myra Canyon trestles should be much quieter than they were last month. The last time I travelled through that area, it was the summer when the whole province seemed to be burning. Our road trip had to be cut short in Canmore as I could not breathe due to the heavy pall of smoke everywhere. So we missed out on that section of the former Kettle Valley railway. The trestles have been rebuilt – and it has taken me some time to get orgainsed enough to get back there. Hopefully wifi access and a notebook computer will keep me in touch, and I will try harder to keep posting here. My summer holiday seems to have caused a considerable drop off in page views.

Written by Stephen Rees

September 9, 2008 at 7:48 am

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