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Rail for the Valley meeting in Chilliwack

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The crowd giving a cheer for the cameras

The crowd giving a cheer for the cameras

It is very heartening to see a room full of people – and more standing at the back. And when you can fill a hall at election time, the politicians try to get a few minutes face time in front of the crowd too. Peter Holt gave a very thorough PowerPoint presentation with all the facts, and then Malcolm Johnson provided the cost comparisons – and some more pictures. Which left to do the wind up. And the line I took was that the people of Chilliwack should not be fobbed off with yet more studies. This topic has been studied many times – and mostly by people wanting to find excuses not to do it. So what needs to be done now is to canc el the latest study and use the money instead to mount a demonstration project. Some local candidates waffled arounbd a bit but I am pleased to report that the federal NDP and Green candidates both came out in favour of rail. I was heartened that most people in the room applauded when I pointed out the futility of widening the freeway. All except one very irate truck driver who manged to shoot himself in the foot by being very rude. Not surprising then that he had been an unsuccesful candidate in earlier elections.

Hopefully we will see some coverage in the Chilliwack Progress – and there was somone there with a big video camera, so possibly something on local cable too.

Written by Stephen Rees

September 13, 2008 at 5:49 pm