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Bogus Budget Consultation Paper

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Some days I have to do a bit of searching to find something to blog about. This morning it landed on my doormat. If you live in BC, Canada Post will be delivering yours too. It is supposed to be the Budget 2009 Consultation Paper. But in reality it is a party political announcement for the BC Liberals, who are demonstrating to Mr Harper why fixed election dates work so well for governments. You know when the election is going to be so you can use the taxpayers’ own money to send them blatantly promotional items. If the Opposition is hammering you (as the NDP has started to do on the carbon tax) you get a forum where they cannot answer back. It also helps of course that you can cancel sittings of the legislature, where you might get asked awkward questions with live tv footage that can be cropped for sound bites by the suppertime newscasts.

Page one boasts “lowest income tax in Canada”. Page two talks about the growth in GDP and how the carbon tax puts “more money in your pocket”. The top of page three talks about how spending has been increased on education and health. So now we are over 50% through the thing and then we get to the budget forecast – and suddenly the type face gets smaller and there are lots of qualifying footnotes. The back page has a nice graph on employment levels.

So less than 20% of this sheet can be said to actually deal with the budget. It lacks a photo of the premier (thank goodness) and Carol Taylor gets no mention either – but then she isn’t running next time.

I hope and trust that if you live in BC you will take the time to write letters and email to the media. Hopefully the opposition will also get into this in a big way.

Written by Stephen Rees

September 23, 2008 at 12:07 pm

Posted in politics

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  1. Mine ended up in the fireplace.

    My mother, because of an accident and is now in ECU, must still pay $50 dollars a month for BC Medical, despite the fact her gross monthly income is $1,150. Good show Gordo, we well know it isn’t the poor or elderly who are benefiting.

    Malcolm J.

    September 23, 2008 at 3:32 pm

  2. Campbell is desperate to turn public opinion,believe when I say it can`t be done,its a group dynamic, people”real” people know their not better off,they know there is less money in their pocket,Campbell has gored too many people`s ox!

    The rich people in this province are affected most by the carbon tax,the rich are affected most by a two teir hydro rate, its the rich that are fueling up large yachts,its the rich who that own the mcmansions.

    The last elction (2005) was very close, no NDP voters are going to switch to Campbell, many many liberal voters are very dismayed with Campbell and they are going to stay home or vote NDP/green

    Like I say it matters not what Campbell does,people have decided that they really do hate Campbell and they know he is a liar and they DON`T BELIEVE ANY OF CAMPBELLS PROMISES

    I have seen this group dynamic work before,there is nothing Campbell can do,nothing!

    My guess is that the next provincial poll will have the CAROLE JAMES NDP WITH A TEN POINT LEAD–The last polls were —NDP even with Campbell—NDP 3 points up on Campbell—NDP 8 points up on Campbell. cheers all

    Grant g

    September 23, 2008 at 4:31 pm

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