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One Click To Plant A Free Tree

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I copied this from an email I got from Alternet – seems like a good idea to me

Dear Friend,

It has the power to protect farms from disastrous flooding.

It can provide medicine and fuel for poor villages in the developing world.

It even helps purify drinking water.

What’s this breakthrough technology? A tree. Planting a tree may seem simple, but at GlobalGiving Green, a new program that helps people and the planet at the same time, we know it has the power to change lives.

Plant a tree for free with one click!

Click here today and GlobalGiving Green will plant a tree in your honor – absolutely free!

At GlobalGiving Green, we believe people can lift themselves out of poverty while also helping the earth. We hand pick local projects around the world that help poor people achieve economic stability – without leaving a big carbon footprint.

Just imagine all the good your tree will do.

* Your tree might grow in India, where it will provide food for livestock, water, and medicine in poor villages.
* It might grow in Haiti, where it will protect against flooding from hurricanes that destroys homes, lives, farmland and ecosystems.
* Or it might help restore the Yucatan rainforest, home to 60,000 species including the threatened jaguar.

And wherever it’s planted, your tree will help local people make a living, promoting economic benefits that can last for generations. This is one of those rare opportunities where a little can really go a long way.

Click here now to plant your FREE tree and start changing lives.

Thanks for your support!

Mari Kuraishi, Founder/President, and the GlobalGiving Team

Written by Stephen Rees

September 23, 2008 at 2:05 pm

Posted in Environment

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