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Vote for Climate

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Climate Crunch

Climate Crunch

It seems very clear to me that the real issue this federal election ought to be climate change. And clearly our current Prime Minister is not interested. He’ll do a soft shoe shuffle about his almost worthless proposals will actually be implemented and go after the last Liberal government’s shameful record. But really he is no better. So this website should help you make up you mind who to vote for.

I do not know if normally I would endorse strategic voting, but obviously if the progressive vote is split the Tories are back – and possibly with a majority. If I thought that Richmond East/Delta was winnable I would vote strategically. But it isn’t and the NDP candidate is an immature twit. And I am not going to vote Liberal after they broke every single red book promise I was suckered into. You must make up your own mind but maybe looking here will change your mind.

Or maybe you would prefer to read what Greenpeace has to say about it. Since they are not a charity they have not been muzzled by the Canada Revenue Agency.

“If you care for the environment and want action on global warming, don’t vote Conservative,” said Bruce Cox,
executive director of Greenpeace Canada

Written by Stephen Rees

September 30, 2008 at 5:13 pm

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  1. Unfortunately I must vote strategically in my riding, but at least that helped me come to a decision.

    I met the Green candidate for Richmond, Michael Wolfe. He holds much promise! But you think the Tories have a strong stake there?

    Erika Rathje

    October 3, 2008 at 12:37 am

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