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The following is a message from the Council of Canadians (London Chapter).


Dear Friends,

Flowing out of last week’s election, it is our expectation that many of you feel as despondent as us at the Council of Canadians – London Chapter. And although it could have been a lot worse, we have another Conservative minority government to contend with at a time when there are many serious issues that need to be dealt with appropriately from the perspective of those in the progressive movement.

We are of the belief that we – with the help of citizens like you, all across the country – need to do whatever we can to encourage those who have been elected, with our collective vote, representing all of the party’s other than the Conservatives, that they MUST IMMEDIATELY get to work on forming a coalition government for the purpose enacting the progressive policies that were part of all of their election platforms.

Many of our Council of Canadians affiliate chapters across the country have started sending letters to the party leaders. There is a movement rising out of the ashes of last week’s election to make this happen. Now is your chance to play a part.

We all know that our electoral system will continue to be undemocratic until we demand that we have a chance to vote on a system of proportional representation at the federal government level. This could well be the number one priority for the new coalition government. The media has picked up on this subject and many scholars and academics have expressed their views on how this kind of an initiative could be accomplished. We at the grass roots level can help make this happen if we have the will.

The stakes are very serious; we can’t acquiesce and not try something to make the 40th session of Parliament in this great land, meaningful. Our environment can not withstand the inaction’s of another Steven Harper Conservative government, his plan for the environment will be meaningless, and we will be over the edge before any effect takes place. His non-transparent stance with respect to the trade agreements he is negotiating with the USA and the EU are not going to serve us well. His plan for our energy resources has major flaws and serves those in other countries much better than Canadians, and leaves us with all of the financial and environmental mess to clean up. His idea of growth, at any cost is quite frankly, patently unsustainable, and designed to put dollars in the pockets of corporations and externalize all of the negativity to ordinary Canadians.

The platforms of the NDP, Bloc, Greens and the Liberals contained many initiatives that were very conducive with each other. And very much in tune with the sensibilities of us, the average citizens. The 65% of us that did not vote for Conservatives deserve to be heard. This is our chance to see a representative government in action.

Please forward this email to anyone who may want to help with this campaign.

A sample email designed to be sent to the politicians is beneath this message, or please feel free to express your own personal views.

We are of the belief that the leaders of the Liberals, NDP & the Bloc need to be contacted, as well as the Green party leader, even though they do not have any seats at this time.

Our hope is that all of you can send either the same letter or a different one to all of the elected MP’s from these three party’s as well to let them know your thoughts.

Thank you,
Council of Canadians | London Chapter

Feel free to use the template and send to:;; ;

Please forward this email to people you know in different parts of Canada, especially Quebec.  Try to get your letters out as soon as possible.


Dear Stephane Dion, Gilles Duceppe, Elizabeth May and Jack Layton

Coalition trumps Harper mandate

Canadian voters did not give Harper a stronger mandate – our electoral system has again over-represented minority support. The parties who were elected by the majority of Canadians (that’s the Liberals, NDP and Bloc) need to step up to the plate rather than stand by helplessly while ourcountry and planet are in jeopardy.

We call on you to put “ordinary” Canadians ahead of ideology and party politics and form a coalition government.

As a coalition, Canada will benefit from collaboration on these major national crises:

1. Increasing GHGs
2. Escalating military budget
3. Unrepresentative electoral system
4. Deregulation and privatization
5. Increasing homelessness
6. Increasing income gap
7. Undemocratic trade and security agreements

Restore Canada’s International Reputation

World leaders including Canada’s top climate change scientists are disappointed to see Canada, under Harper’s Conservatives, slip further awayfrom the global community that’s trying to tackle globalissues. Harper is not a collaborative leader and has chosen to block global progress on climate change.

Time is running out. Canada cannot afford a re-run of the 39th parliament with its endless non-confidence votes and dysfunctional committees.


Written by Stephen Rees

November 6, 2008 at 12:03 pm

Posted in politics

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