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Lawyers getting chippy as hearings drag on

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Vancouver Sun

This case is now nearly five years old. It seems to me to be very unlikely that anything of any substance will emerge before the election. And it is hard to to conclude that is because that is intentional. The case has the potential to provide some insight into how the BC Liberals are running this province, and that is something they do not want to be made public in open court.The tactics of delay and obfuscation have been part of the well tried legal bag of tricks for centuries. For one thing it makes lawyers lots of money. In this case it means that no one still has the fiantest idea of what actually happened when Premier Gordon Campbell broke his pre election promise and sold BC Rail. And five years on very people will actually care much any more.They certainly will not have it front of mind when they go into the polling booth. And then after the election the whole thing can be dropped and forgotten on the grounds of “unreasonable delay”.

Written by Stephen Rees

November 25, 2008 at 2:19 pm

Posted in BC Rail, politics

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