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I must admit I am always surprised when the media tell me we are tired of elections. There was stuff on the tv recently that said the Quebecois were more interested in the US election than the Canadian one and thus would not bother to turn out for their provincial poll due to “poll fatigue”.

I have always liked the idea of direct democracy. I think we do not get asked enough what we think, and too often an elite makes up our mind for us. I tned to participate a lot in polls and opinion surveys. And I was quite pleased to find

Direct Democracy Depends on Your Perpetual Participation:

is a non-partisan, non-profit perpetual polling system which enables you, with your individual password, to register your opinions on relevant political issues,

empowers you to change your vote when you change your mind, anytime. This is what perpetual democracy is all about. You are welcome to view the questions and results without having to register. However, the success of this democratic exercise depends on your participation

I have registered but I was a little dismayed by the low number of votes being cast. One really good feature is that is if you do not see an option you want to vote for, you can add one that you like.

Written by Stephen Rees

December 9, 2008 at 3:58 pm

Posted in politics

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