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Transportation minister expects fast track for Evergreen Line

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Evergreen Line diagram

Evergreen Line diagram

There’s a shortfall –

The B.C. government has already committed $410 million and TransLink $400 million to the long-awaited Evergreen Line so the federal funding is the “missing piece,” Falcon said.

The federal government, which is required to pay a third of the project, has provided $67 million so far and Falcon said he’s confident Ottawa will match Victoria’s contribution. That would leave the project $200 million short

Interestingly, that sum is what Translink says is the difference between LRT and SkyTrain. But take a look at that map. There are three types of track “elevated” “tunnel” and “route”. Now whatever that last is supposed to mean, the only thing that is not either over the surface or under the surface must be ON the surface. And that is one thing you cannot do  with a LIM rail and automatic trains – unless the whole thing is fenced to keep out intruders. No at grade crossings either.  There are a couple of places on the Expo line that work like that. But that diagram looks very much like LRT to me with significant sections of onstreet running.

So, since there is not likely to be any P3 contractor out there who can raise money in the current climate and the idea is to have a project ready to go then dumping SkyTrain (which means you have no chocie of partner since it has to be Bombardier) and going for a really competitive tender for a LRT makes a lot of sense. Not that sense has ever mattered in planning for rapid transit in BC.

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December 16, 2008 at 3:35 pm

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